Virus in Clivia

J.E. Shields
Mon, 15 Sep 2003 10:54:36 PDT
Hi all,

I just had some clivias tested at an Indiana laboratory (Agdia, Elkhart, 
IN) for apparent virus infection.  They did not find any of their usual 
list of agriculturally significant viruses, but I would like to know what 
viruses have been confirmed in Clivia in the past, and where these might be 
tested for.

Can anyone help me?

I don't have access to the plant pathology literature, but I can forward 
any lit. refs. on to the nursery inspectors.

Jim Shields

Viruses tested for, and their abbreviations:

Alfalfa Mosaic Virus            AMV
Arabis Mosaic Virus             ArMV
Broad Bean Wilt Virus           BBWV
Chrysanthemum Virus B   CVB
Cucumber Mosaic Virus   CMV
Impatients Necrotic Spot Virus  INSV
Prunus Necrotic Ringspot Virus  PNRSV
Tobacco Mosaic Virus            TMV
Tobacco Ringspot Virus  TRSV
Tobacco Streak Virus            TSV
Tomato Aspermy Virus            TAV
Tomato Mosaic Virus             ToMV
Tomato Ringspot Virus           ToRSV
Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus       TSWV
Potyvirus Group         POTY

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