SA Bulb Images 'Fern kloof'

Lauw Dejager
Fri, 12 Sep 2003 23:22:55 PDT
    Dear Dave,
Had a look at this very good website and then I realised  that  we
visited this reserve on our second day trip with the IBSA.  Just east of
the lovely seaside resort of Hermanus (even saw some whales there) we
entered the reserve through a narrow valley which then divided in
several directions for botanical walks with super view on the ocean.
Apart from a wealth of Ericas  there were quite a few bulbs in flower:
Romulea rosea(carpets on the path with Oxlis obtusa), R.flava, several
Gladiolus rougex, debilis, Spiloxene, Watsonia laccata, several Aristea
species (but not in flower yet). Looking at the website there will a lot
more flowering lateron
Lauw de Jager

David Fenwick wrote:

I've just come across a very good web resource for photos.
    Fernkloof Nature Reserve
They have a great list of plant photos.
   > You've got to check out the following species, quite superb.
   > Gladiolus debilis
   > Moraea lurida
   > Tritonia cooperi quadrialata
   >  After an hour I'm still on I - for iridaceae

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