Oxalis, Wiki, and Pelargonium

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Tue, 30 Sep 2003 14:27:17 PDT
Dear David,

Welcome to our list and thank you so much for your wonderful addition about 
Oxalis. It is indeed a very complicated subject, but I am sure all of those 
who are interested in Oxalis have learned a lot from what you have written.

Mark McDonough who helps me with the wiki (which is a Hawaiian word meaning 
quick quick) had a discussion about whether we should create wiki pages for 
genera that had a few geophytes, but were mainly not geophytic. He thought 
people could be confused by including them and was inclined to say no. He 
used Pelargonium as an example. However it was too late as I had already 
put a picture of Pelargonium incrassatum on the wiki since I was thrilled 
when mine bloomed. My husband suggested a compromise that was simple but 
worked for both of us and I changed the wiki page name to Geophytic 
Pelargoniums. This page could include other sections besides Section Hoarea 
if they are also geophytes, but definitely is the place to put pictures of 
those plants. I very much hope you will add your pictures of the geophytic 
Pelargoniums you grow to that wiki page.

And just for all the new members of our list since there are quite a few of 
you the wiki is like a pbs list web site and any member of this list is 
welcome to add pictures of the geophytes they grow or have seen in the wild 
to the wiki. We are not limited to the genera that are listed. New wiki 
pages can be created if you have something you want to add that is not 
represented. I have written a lot of instructions about how to do it and am 
always willing to help new users figure out how to participate.

Mary Sue

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