Hymenocallis maximilianii

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Wed, 03 Sep 2003 11:22:34 PDT

A very good suggestion! I had Jim Bauml's e-mail address, but lost it. I've 
left him a message on his voice mail, at least. I assume he is in the USA 
right now, but there's no telling. I did talk with Jim at the IBS symposium 
at The Huntington. We talked about Hymenocallis, actually. Then I lost his 
e-mail address.

Does anyone still grow that group of Mexican Hymenocallis species described 
by Jim Bauml, Thad Howard, and maybe some others? I'd like to get new bulbs 
for my collection, such things as HH. durangensis, chiapasiana, 
guerreroensis, azteciana, astrostephana, howardii? I had most of them, from 
Jim and from Thad, in my collection 20 years ago (more or less). I don't 
have them now, unfortunately.

I would be interested in exchanging breeding material of Mexican and U.S. 
Hymenocallis species with anyone else interested in ex situ preservation of 
these species.

Jim Shields

At 12:51 PM 9/3/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi Jim:
>Dr. Jim Bauml with the Los Angeles County Arboretum travels to Mexico 
>relatively frequently for his ethnobotanical research. If I remember 
>correctly, he gave a presentation at the IBS meeting at the Huntington and 
>had a lot of Hymenocallis taxa in his slide presentation. I haven't got a 
>direct telephone number for him but the main number is (626) 821-3231.
>Boyce Tankersley
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>Hi all,
>I got a few bulbs of Hymenocallis maximilianii from Russell Stafford
>(Odyssey Bulbs) in April, 2002.  One of these is now sending up a
>scape.  It isn't in "Flora of North America" vol. 26.  Thad Howard lists it
>as from Mexico, coastal Guerrero, and as being "somewhat like H. acutifolia."
>Can anyone tell me about how I ought to be growing it?  I have the feeling
>it is only flowering for me because of the extraordinarily rainy season we
>are having.  How big is it going to get someday?  What size container ought
>it be grown in?  I've crowded 5 of these into one 10-inch bulb pan (only
>about 4 or 5 inches deep).
>Jim Shields
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