Another Lycoris Trick

Kelly Irvin
Thu, 04 Sep 2003 07:20:23 PDT
Jim et al.

I took a picture of my Lycoris caldwellii in bud yesterday evening. Does 
yours look like this?…

This morning the largest bud is already losing the pink blush. To add a 
small bit of horticultural humor, one of the stalks has a bit of a 
straggler with it, as if one of the flower buds did not make the train...…

A NOTE to ARNOLD:  Please remove these images in the next day or two. I 
just wanted to illustrate Jim's observation.

James Waddick wrote:

> Dear all;
>     I recently pondered the effect of drought on Lycoris bloom 
> initiation.
>     After 2 1/2 months of near total drought, a patch of 25 L. 
> chinensis produced a single short flower stalk. Last weekend we had 7 
> inches of rain over two days and it soaked in very nicely. Within 24 
> hours and almost visibly this same  patch of bulbs is producing 40 
> flowering stalks some even blooming as they emerged (very odd) and 
> some reaching nearly full size. I can't recall stalks emerging with 
> such such synchrony and speed.
>     It has taken a few more days, but the traditionally later to bloom 
> L. caldwellii have now started to pop. They look like they will be 
> normal in regard to numbers and height, but the still closed buds 
> appear to have a slight pink tinge to them which I don't really 
> recall. Flowers should be a pale yellow. Is this a heat or drought 
> effect?
>     To be continued.     Best    Jim W.

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