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> John ~
>  a reasonably fresh, triple-creme brie on chunks of Bartlett pear or
> fresh sourdough comes close to Heaven with its delightful fresh butter
taste.  A
> good accompaniment would be a California chardonnay not been aged in oak.
>...  Perhaps, with your "Stinking Bishop," an appropriate wine would
> be a vintage of our very own "Fat Bastard."

I thought "Fat Bastard" wines were French - at least the ones we get here
under that sobriquet are. There is a British beer called 'Bishop's Finger',
but it's not to my taste, and better with cheddar and pickled onions than
brie & pear!  And while on ecclesiastical drinks, we must not forget the
Belgian Trappist and Abbey beers, and certainly not Chartreuse, reputed to
contain Narcissus juice as an ingredient.
> Must admit to a bit of curiosity, tho.  If the fragrance of hyacinth is
> objectionable, what then about freesia, another strong (and to many
> delightful fragrance that, often, is difficult to get enough of?

I love the smell of freesias, and in Holland, where such things are
affordable, would have vases of 50 at a time in the living room, and loved
it. OK, modern cutflower freesias are not as strongly scented as F. alba or
F. refracta, but they certainly smell.

However light-hearted this discussion has got, the message is very clear: we
all perceive scents, fragrances, smells and stinks in very different ways.

John Grimshaw

> Dave Karnstedt
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