Kathy Stokmanis vikingdoc@earthlink.net
Thu, 22 Apr 2004 08:34:36 PDT
The only one I have grown is Ismene 'Sulpher Queen', in a pot here in Northern California, though I recently planted Hymenocallis variegata.  I pull it out of the pot and store it dry during the winter.  I have enough offsets to plant one in the ground but I worry that our wet winters will do it in.  

I love it.  The fragrance is very nice.  I had read that Hymenocallis can rebloom but I have not attempted to do so with Sulpher Queen.  Does anyone know if this is one that can rebloom?  Also, does anyone know the correct botanical name for Ismene 'Sulpher Queen' and Hymenocallis variegata or can you direct me to a book that would provide geographical and species information?

Kathy Stokmanis
Northern California, zone 8/9, where both of the above mentioned bulbs were recently planted and have sprouted leaves.

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