Info on relaxation of USDA import rules for seed
Fri, 30 Apr 2004 16:13:44 PDT

See the note below.  If you have something to say, be sure to write to the 
USDA.  For my part, I hope to encourage them to relax the rules even more.  

We are proposing to amend the nursery stock regulations to allow the
importation of small lots of seed under an import permit with specific
conditions, as an alternative to the current phytosanitary certificate
requirement.  This proposed change is necessary because several entities
that import small lots of seed-individual importers, horticultural
societies, arboreta, and small businesses have had difficulty obtaining the
necessary certificates and have been adversely affected by the phytosanitary
certificate requirement.  

We will consider all comments that we receive on or before June 28, 2004.
USDA-APHIS                   RIN: 0579-AB78
Importation of Small Lots of Seed Without Phytosanitary
Certificates -- APHIS Docket No. 02-119-1
RECEIVED:  02/23/2004        LEGAL DEADLINE: None
COMPLETED: 04/19/2004 Consistent w/no change…

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