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Alan Meerow
Thu, 15 Apr 2004 04:23:04 PDT
I agree, Rhoda.  Tulbahgia simmleri is an absolutely oustanding subject,
with a long season of bloom and fragrance to boot.  And no foliar garlic
odor!  The flowers range from white to pink and lavender shades.  I will be
sending seed to the IBS BX soon.

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> Tulbaghia acutiloba will always be on my 'must have' list. My first
encounter with it was late one afternoon when I couldn't figure out which
one of my plants was emitting such a beautiful strong scent, almost like
cinnamon.  What a surprise when it turned out to be the insignificant flower
of an onion family!  It has a scent only after about 4 pm for a couple of
hours.  Another good one is Tulbaghia simmleri (used to be T. fragrans).
> Rhoda
> Napier, W. Cape
> Blooming now in the wild (Renosterbos) around Napier: Haemanthus
coccineus, Nerine humilis, Gladiolus vaginatus, Tritoniopsis pulchra,
Brunsvigia orientalis (just over) and an Oxalis sp.
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