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In a message dated 3/30/04 10:29:38 AM Eastern Standard Time, Jim McKenney 
It's not my life goal to "correct" clueless people who say ny-fof'-ee-ah or
el-scholtz'-ee-ah or ah-jer-ray'-tum. 

I've always been the rare individual, such as in a class while in grade 
school, who'd say to a teacher "no, I don't know what you mean", at risk of 
everyone ridiculing me for admitting to not knowing the answer to the question. Two 
of the three examples you cite coincide closely with the way I'd say the genus 
name. The insinuation is, the phonetic examples you site illustrates "clueless 
blunders".  If you can bear it, please supply the elucidating fact, how 
should these three genera be sounded?

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