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> So imagine my surprise when my questing nose for the most wonderful 
> fragrance late one spring brought me to a small flowered Narcissus with grasslike 
> foliage - Narcissus jonquilla, or one of its hybrids. I've added to the 'must 
> have's' of my garden and have enjoyed this fragrant delight ever since.

Boyce, most of the jonquil cultivars are fragrant, since it's a 
characteristic of N. jonquilla. Many of the tazettas are also fragrant, although some 
people perceive the fragrance as unpleasant. I also find fragrance in many double 
daffodils. Check out the citrusy fragrance of 'Sir Winston Churchill'. And 
don't overlook 'Fragrant Rose', yes a daffodil with the fragrance of a rose, 
especially when it is relatively freshly open--not everyone can detect it; more men 
than women seem to be able to detect it when I ask them, but my female 
friends say the men are lying.
Bill Lee

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