What's In Bloom in the Garden State

Judy Glattstein jglatt@ptd.net
Mon, 26 Apr 2004 09:48:36 PDT
It is a soggy day here in the Garden State, so I'm reporting on what's
visible out the window or what I remember from working in the garden
yesterday. As an aside, IMHO anyone who invents windshield wipers for
eyeglasses will make a fortune.

Muscari 'Valerie Finnis' with lovely soft, quite pale blue flowers, two nice

Narcissus - about 1,400 Narcissus poeticus in bloom, cultivars from
recurvuus and 'Old Pheasant Eye' to 'Cantabile' and 'Felindre'. Lots of
cyclamineus as I am especially fond of them; 'Dove Wings' & 'Jenny' &
'Foundling' for sure, I'm blocking other names. 'Ice Follies' is in bloom.

Hyacinths on the way out - these are repeaters from previous years'
plantings, including forced potfuls that receive a second career in the

Natives (natural and introduced) in my garden: Erythronium americanum is in
bloom, as are Dicentra cucullaria and D. canadensis. Trillium grandiflorum
is open, the doubles are still in bud. Sessile trilliums still tight in my
garden; in a friend's garden not all that far away T. luteum is beautiful,
already displaying its green flowers. He has them planted with blue Phlox
divaricata, elegant combination. Lots of Mertensia virginica in my garden,
mostly blue and several nice pinks. Claytonia virginica is sprinkled around
in the woods, on neighbors' lawns, and roadside edges.

Polygonatum japonicum 'Variegatum' is sending up its pink-flushed white
asparagus-like shoots. Native polygonatum and smilacina are up and unfurling
their leaves.

Arisarum proboscoideum has tiny little flower buds just forming - how do I
know? I dug and moved 5 tiny tubers in yesterday's deluge.

Arisaema thunbergii is up, but I don't recall any flowers yet.

Paeonia obovata 'Alba' is budded up, as is P. smouthii. Or maybe the latter
is 'Early Scout'. In either case it is a tenuifolia hybrid, with nicely cut
foliage and satin-shiny deep red single flowers on a short plant.

Arum italicum 'Pictum' foliage still looks very good.

Judy in zone 6 where the trees are filling their canopies with a haze of
tender green

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