What's Blooming Now--TOW

Lee Poulsen wpoulsen@pacbell.net
Tue, 27 Apr 2004 14:53:48 PDT
As others at this end of the U.S. have pointed out, the big main flush 
of all the spring bloomers has past. And with the current record 
breaking heat we're experiencing, anything still blooming in that group 
will probably end soon. However, the various colors of Ornithogalum 
dubium are all in bloom as are several other Ornithogalums that others 
have mentioned. The very first lily is in bloom (a light pink L. 
longiflorum cultivar whose name I can't recall), but many are in bud. I 
still have a couple of Leucocorynes in flower, as well as several 
native Brodiaeas, and Conanthera campanulata. A Gladiolus cardinalis, I 
believe, that I got from Diana Chapman is also blooming prettily. More 
of my Rhodohypoxis cultivars are coming into bloom as well. The main 
show, however, are the Hippeastrums, and related genera including 
Sprekelia formossisima 'Orient Red' which continues to send up flowers 
and Griffiniopsis blumenavium (which I finally got a clear photo of and 
added that to the wiki. I've uploaded a few of the Hipp. cultivars to 
the wiki. ('Emerald', 'Giraffe', 'Jaguar', and 'Red Peacock'.)


I also added an image to the mystery bulbs of what came labelled to me 
as Hipp. puniceum album. However, it doesn't look like my other H. 
puniceum and it is red. The flowers are much smaller than all my other 
Hippeastrums, about 2in/5cm across and 3in/7.5cm deep, yet the leaves 
look like typical Hipp. leaves.


--Lee Poulsen
Pasadena area, California, USDA Zone 9-10

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