Recovering from floods

Lauw de Jager
Sat, 10 Apr 2004 00:23:59 PDT
Dear all,
The nursery was flooded the 3 decembre by 2 m of water and a strong current
during 3 days, which left a deposit of 30-70cm of sludgy sand. Since then
much have been done to recuperate our plants. Within a month the shade hall
and the collapsed plastic tunnel was freed from the deposit and drained. In
the garden we dug (where feasable) the most precious species and replanted
them higher up (the fact that many bulbs were planted in wirenetting
helped). The most affected are the species which were in leaf early december
(and on the surface growing evergreens). Most sowings of autumn 2003 have
disappeared except those of late emergence.
 Now it is becoming apperant which species have survived:
survivors are: Fritilaria, Narcissus, gladiolus(splendens and tristis are in
flower) Hesperantha bachmannii, Anemone coronaria, Tecophelia, Areacea,
Sparaxis Ipheion, Hyacinthoides, Leucojum, Crinum, Pancratium (except
zeylanicum), Lycoris (except with too much cover and L radiata)
Species which are sulking but alive:
Morea, Ixia,
Disappeared: Tulipa (except T sylvestris), Sternbergia, Dahlia, Dietes,
Agapanthus, Neomarica, Hyacinthus, Evergreen rhizomatic Iris, Tropaeolum,
As flowering is sporadic and the labels have floated around many species
have to be reidentified.
Fortunately the field of 2 ha only had 50cm of water and no deposit has not
been affected and sales were normal this spring. The nursery on the seaside
with Haemanthus, Brunsvigia Amaryllis belladonna, Nerines has not been
Expedition and plantfairs participation was started again mid January and
has now terminated to concentrate on reconstruction the nursery and our
house. In June we will start selling again, but for one season many species
will not be available.
Thanks again to the many people who took an interest during this rather
impressive period and provided moral support. We are happy to report that
with spring flowering around, things are looking up again.
Kind regards 

Lauw de Jager
Mas d'Argence
30300 Fourques France
tel 31(0)466 016 519  fax 0466 011 245

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