Recovering from floods

John Bryan
Sat, 10 Apr 2004 10:30:39 PDT
Dear Lauw:

When in Normandy a few weeks ago, I saw on T.V. some of the problems you
have faced. I do wish you every success in getting all back in order. I
hope the authorities give you assistance, do they? On the 21st I return
to Normandy, much work to do on the grounds of the Chateau of Canisy.
The Narcissus you sent and the Cyclamen disappeared, at least I saw no
sign of them in March, I hope some will emerge, if not we will have to
plant again. Every good wish, Cheers, John E. Bryan

Lauw de Jager wrote:
> Dear all,
> The nursery was flooded the 3 decembre by 2 m of water and a strong current
> during 3 days, which left a deposit of 30-70cm of sludgy sand. Since then
> much have been done to recuperate our plants. Within a month the shade hall
> and the collapsed plastic tunnel was freed from the deposit and drained. In
> the garden we dug (where feasable) the most precious species and replanted
> them higher up (the fact that many bulbs were planted in wirenetting
> helped). The most affected are the species which were in leaf early december
> (and on the surface growing evergreens). Most sowings of autumn 2003 have
> disappeared except those of late emergence.
>  Now it is becoming apperant which species have survived:
> survivors are: Fritilaria, Narcissus, gladiolus(splendens and tristis are in
> flower) Hesperantha bachmannii, Anemone coronaria, Tecophelia, Areacea,
> Sparaxis Ipheion, Hyacinthoides, Leucojum, Crinum, Pancratium (except
> zeylanicum), Lycoris (except with too much cover and L radiata)
> Species which are sulking but alive:
> Morea, Ixia,
> Disappeared: Tulipa (except T sylvestris), Sternbergia, Dahlia, Dietes,
> Agapanthus, Neomarica, Hyacinthus, Evergreen rhizomatic Iris, Tropaeolum,
> Ferraria
> As flowering is sporadic and the labels have floated around many species
> have to be reidentified.
> Fortunately the field of 2 ha only had 50cm of water and no deposit has not
> been affected and sales were normal this spring. The nursery on the seaside
> with Haemanthus, Brunsvigia Amaryllis belladonna, Nerines has not been
> affected.
> Expedition and plantfairs participation was started again mid January and
> has now terminated to concentrate on reconstruction the nursery and our
> house. In June we will start selling again, but for one season many species
> will not be available.
> Thanks again to the many people who took an interest during this rather
> impressive period and provided moral support. We are happy to report that
> with spring flowering around, things are looking up again.
> Kind regards
> Lauw de Jager
> Bulb'Argence
> Mas d'Argence
> 30300 Fourques France
> tel 31(0)466 016 519  fax 0466 011 245
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