erythronium DNA

Wed, 14 Apr 2004 04:30:42 PDT
Dear Bulb lovers 
For reasons unclear to me ( well, they have nice flowers) I have 
started to measure total amount of nuclear DNA content in 
Erythroniums G Dunlop of Ireland of Ballyogar nursery has a nice 
collection and has provided me with a fair range. Having started 
with it I want to finish it. Those that are missing are : Erythronium 
grandiflorum, klamathense, mesochoreum, pluriflorum, propullans, 
purpurascens, pusaterii, rostratum, quinaultense, taylori and 
maybe a few others. I will be most gratefull for anybody who can 
supply me with a single fresh leaf of any of the above. Thanks
PS I am also looking for a tetraploid Trillium ( T rhombifolium?)
Ben J.M.Zonneveld
Institute of Biology,Leiden University, Clusius lab 
Wassenaarse weg 64, 2333 AL Leiden, The Netherlands
Fax: +31-71-5274999. min temp -10C (15F)

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