New photos on wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 13 Apr 2004 09:21:45 PDT
Dear All and especially Jane,

I've added a Paeonia start on the photographs page so Jane  you can click 
on the question mark and add the text to make it a wiki page and add your 
really good picture.

I am resending Jane's message with the correct links to take you to the 
wiki pages, not to the files pages as you will end up at a dead end with 
some of those links and the files pages don't allow you to read Jane's text 
which is always informative. I especially liked that Camassia. It's such a 
different color than the dark purple one I have blooming now.

Mary Sue

The correct links are:
I have posted some new photos on the wiki, including Fritillaria 
acmopetala, which I hope everyone will look at so you can identify all the 
occurrences of it that you are growing under other names!……

There are two Ornithogalum species, O. fimbriatum and O. reverchonii:…

And a spectacular camas, C. quamash var. maxima:…

And a great big plant of Narcissus triandrus:…

And Leucojum nicaeense, now known as Acis nicaeensis:…

I wish there were a Paeonia page so I could also post P. cambessedesii 
(now, apparently, to revert to its prior name, P. corsica, which is easier 
to spell and say), because I took a really good photo of it today!

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