Virus treatment

J.E. Shields
Thu, 15 Apr 2004 08:05:24 PDT
Hi everyone,

I cannot cite any scientific literature.  I've heard of this for years, but 
Alberto told me last year that the university group where he is can do this.

Alberto Castillo's group may be the only lab currently doing this.  Timing 
and temperature are said to be critical -- too little heat or too short a 
time and the pathogen survives.  Too high a temperature or too long a time 
and the bulb does not survive.

I tried it 25 years ago on virused Hippeastrum bulbs, and did not kill 
either the viruses nor the bulbs.  I used a water bath, hand-regulated on 
the kitchen stove.  I also was trying 45 C, but Alberto has since told me 
that it needs to be 55 C.  The temperature also needs to be automatically 
regulated, not by hand.  I would guess that a temperature sensing probe 
stuck into the heart of the bulb would help, since the core has to reach 
the target temperature and then be held there.

Sorry I cannot give more precise information.  I am still personally 
inclined to discard any virused plants.

Jim Shields

At 07:34 AM 4/15/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear All,
>Jim Shield's said this week:
>"Another way of cleaning up virus infected bulbs is by heat treatment.  It 
>undoubtedly varies by bulb species and pest species, but 55 C for an hour 
>is perhaps close to what you can do.  Rather than discard valuable but 
>virus infected bulbs, try heat treating them first."
>We have discussed virus many times on this list and the consensus always 
>seemed to be that throwing out virused material was the only way to go. 
>Can you give us more particulars about this new information? Who has done 
>it, were the bulbs tested before and after, do you put them in an oven, 
>etc.? Is the evidence anecdotal (like with aspirin which has been 
>suggested as a treatment in the past) or have there been careful 
>scientific experiments? I am sure we'd all like to know more.
>Mary Sue
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