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Shirley Meneice samclan@redshift.com
Thu, 19 Aug 2004 21:21:08 PDT
Don't be sorry for the off-topic post.  I, for one, loved it.  Thanks, 
Shirley Meneice

piaba wrote:

>well, jim, i'm sorry your mycophagous tendencies are
>not better sated...  i have never tasted huitlacoche
>either but i just thought i'd mention that at my
>favorite japanese rest. in brooklyn, they serve these
>cold mini-soba or -udon dishes (soba and udon are two
>types of noodles for those that don't know).  in the
>summer, nothing better than a cold noodle dish as an
>appetizer before dinner.  the broth is dashi- and
>wakame-based (dashi is made from dry bonito flakes and
>wakame is a large, coarse seaweed).  there are 3 types
>of this soup that you can order: with tempura (veggies
>that are battered and deep fried), with tororo
>(mountain yam) or kinoko, which is a medley of
>mushrooms.  there are 5 types in the latter dish: wood
>ear, straw mushrooms, button mushrooms, enoki (small
>white mushrooms) and nameko (tiny round ones).  the
>whole thing is flavored with orange peel and is
>i don't care particularly for the tororo (Dioscorea),
>which is a white paste with no particular taste, but i
>also order it sometimes as it comes with a small dish
>of grated ginger, chopped scallions and wasabi to be
>mixed in the soup a la gout.  
>sorry for the long off-topic post...  :-)
>tsuh yang
>--- Jim McKenney <jimmckenney@starpower.net> wrote:
>>Judy, I don't believe you! First you get to taste
>>oca before I do, and now
>>you get huitlacoche. I fruitlessly badgered (how's
>>that for nicely mixed
>>metaphors?) a Mexican friend for years to have some
>>sent from home for me.
>>I can't imagine the USDA allowing the fresh product
>>into the country, but I
>>understand it's available canned. 
>>What is it like? Is it mushroom-y? Mild? Strong? 
>>I really want to try it. Am I to be reduced to
>>lurking around farmyard
>>dumpsters looking for corn smut discards? 
>>"Jim, where have you been all day?" "Going through
>>dumpsters looking for
>>Am I in trouble?
>>Jim McKenney
>>Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, USDA zone 7, where
>>my mycophagous urges
>>are usually fulfilled by the grocery store varieties
>>or the local morels. 
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