Wiki images--Haemanthus, Mystery from Hans

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 13 Aug 2004 10:13:13 PDT
Dear All,

For those of you who were tantalized earlier by Doug Westfall's nomination 
of favorite pink bulbs of his new picture of three Haemanthus carneus in 
bloom, he has added the new picture to the wiki:…

The picture of the bulb that Hans would like help in identifying is the 
last one on the Mystery Bulb page. This is such a great group. Thanks to 
Arnold, Lee Poulsen, and David Victor for offering to help Hans with this 
and for Hans struggling through my English to figure out how to make some 
changes in the size and name of his file. Now we just need some answers 
about what it is. While you are looking if anyone can tell us about any of 
the others please contact me privately. We'd like to move some of the old 
images on this page to a genus page.…

Mary Sue

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