TOW pink bulb
Sat, 14 Aug 2004 14:25:24 PDT
Dear All,

Hoping not to repeat anything that has been written before...... I did not have 
the time to read much recently.

One of my favourite pink plants is Ipomoea cairica. It forms a giant tuber and 
has annual shoots (with me but they may in fact be perennial) and from now on 
bears lots of pink flowers with a dark eye until it is cut down by the first 
frost. It likes full sun and has interesting palmate leaves. The whole plant is 
rough to the touch due to bristly hairs all over. Unfortunately I have never 
managed to get any seed as I only have one clone. But it can be propagated from 
cuttings which are not sent into dormancy their first winter. An extremely easy 
and rewarding plant being stored totally dry in its pot in my cellar over 
winter and sprouting explosively each spring. The shoots are cut dwon to a few 
centimetres each autumn. Even young plants flower profusely as pot plants, 
surprising it is not seen more often.
The great advantage of this species is that it does flower reliably under my 
north European conditions in the open garden in summer, quite opposed to many 
other tropical Ipomoea species that seem to need more heat. Are there other 
species around that are as reliable?

Greetings from warm high summer in Germany, Uli

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