an Iris question - replies

James Waddick
Tue, 31 Aug 2004 09:23:42 PDT
Dear Joe and others;
	My 2 cents.

	You may be totally too warm for Tall Bearded iris. 'Victoria 
Falls' is a top award winner from the American Iris Society and very 

	I suggest you try planting this -now is a still a good time- 
in a site where it gets morning shade and afternoon sun. This will 
give it the late day sun and heat it needs, but temper it from all 
day heat. It would still get enough sun to bloom. I do this here by 
planting on the west edge of a large tree avoiding some root 
competition, but that isn't a major problem. If your soil is really 
poor, fertilize it regularly.

	Jim W.

ps 'Contraband Girl is registered as a Louisiana Iris, but one 
nursery sold a pale orchid I. virginica under this name to confuse 
the issue. Either way it would be very happy submerged in water.

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