Eranthis question

Dell Sherk
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 04:24:32 PDT
Dear John,

In my experience, Eranthis hyemalis is dead hardy, self seeds into great
clumps, and is not bothered by any critters - it may be poisonous. I think
E. cilicica is not so strong. Also, any Crocus tommasinianus is excellent
with the same qualities as E. hyemalis. 'Ruby Giant' is so large that it
almost looks like a C. vernus hyb. I like the typical one better; it is
daintier.  You might also consider galanthus for really early bloom and
hardiness. G. nivalis is the easiest.

Happy growing,

Dell Sherk, SE PA US Zone 6. Amaryllids, South Americans, Cyrtanthus, Hardy
bulbs, succulents and cactus, gesneriads.

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