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> I, for one, would hope that we can accommodate Marcelle's photo collection.
> She is very well known to Crinum enthusiasts! I believe that she still has a
> retail sales website?

Hi Dell (and all who wrote privately),

Marcelle does maintain her own commercial Web site where she provides a 
picture gallery of plants for sale, and many more plants not for sale.   

LINK:  Marcelle's Crinums

Thanks for your various notes.  I will collect all the ideas that I have 
received and discuss them with Marcelle.  For now, I think there is little chance 
that Marcelle's historical photos and records can be accommodated on the Wiki. 

The amount of material she has is truly enormous and includes photos of many 
unpublished hybrids (perhaps over 100) from other breeders, as well as her own 
materials, along with notes on fertility, when created, who created, etc.  
Some information is unique.  For instance, without going into particulars, 
Marcelle has developed never-before-reported colors in Crinum. 

One PBS member suggested that ibiblio.org or another organization might be 
willing to host an encyclopedia-style Web site, wherein the information could be 
deposited and freely accessed.  This seems like an approach that might work 
if Marcelle and I can get the photos digitized and the text written.  


Conroe Joe (still hot and muggy, rain showers off and on)

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