Lycoris frustration

James Yourch
Wed, 04 Aug 2004 06:56:03 PDT
Jim Waddick wrote:
>This year one bulb, blooming for the first time is an amazing beauty.
>Pure bright canary yellow without the dull buff seen in most hybrids
>or the golden/pink tinge leaning toward pure chinensis. Large flat
>petals suggest L.longituba parentage, but at 3 ft tall with 7 5-inch
>wide flowers it is a knock out. This is the first Lycoris I have seen
>that is a pure yellow color, not tinged or dulled with other shades.


This sounds incredible.  I hope you have taken pictures.  If you need help
posting them to the wiki I am volunteering to either do it for you or show
you how, your preference.

I can't offer you any help as far as propagating these things, I am still a
Lycoris beginner.  It would be great if this can be figured out and you can
duplicate some of these incredible forms.


Jay Yourch  

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