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Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Thu, 12 Aug 2004 21:11:21 PDT
Dear All,

I've really enjoyed all the pink flowered favorites people have been 
listing. I thought I had mine figured out until people starting mentioning 
things I grow I had forgotten and now I find it impossible to list just 
five. But since others have been listing more, I guess I'll break my own 

1. Allium dichlamydeum -- I hadn't thought of Allium until someone else 
mentioned it, but this one that grows on the rocks overlooking the ocean 
where I live and does well for me as well I love
2. Calochortus -- There are some light pink forms of Calochortus tolmiei 
which are just amazing, but I also am very fond of Calochortus amoenus and 
Calochortus splendens is a nice pink too
3. Gladiolus -- Gladiolus carmineus which is just now starting to peek out 
of the ground in my yard was the first pink flower to come to mind. It is 
so welcome this time of the year. But when I looked through my pictures I 
realized I like G. pappei and G. geardii too, but G. carmineus is probably 
my favorite pink Gladiolus
4. Oxalis -- This one is so hard because there are so many great pink 
Oxalis as Liz has mentioned. My favorites: O. bowiei (huge, tall flowers), 
O. hirta (and the cultivar 'Gothenburg'), O. callosa with its colorful eye, 
O. glabra (tiny but covered with pink flowers), O. convexula (cool 
succulent leaves too), and of course O. obtusa which blooms for such a long 
5. Romulea -- One of my favorite genera and two that I grow that are great 
pinks: R. kombergensis and R. eximia
6. Nerine -- So many of these, both species and hybrids, I'll just stick 
with the genus
7. Hesperantha -- Lot's of nice pinks, but many are short bloomed. I really 
love H. latifolia which is a hot pink and a winter bloomer that lasts for weeks
8. Cyclamen -- Hadn't thought of this one either until it was mentioned 
although Cyclamen get my leaf votes, but I too love some of the flowers so 
I'll add C. coum and C. pseudibericum

Mary Sue

Mary Sue Ittner
California's North Coast
Wet mild winters with occasional frost
Dry mild summers

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