Lycoris propagation

diana chapman
Mon, 16 Aug 2004 18:09:49 PDT
I have done it, Jim, with variable success.  I had a lot of bulb fly damage
last year and tried to salvage some of the bulbs by twin scaling or chipping
the healthy part that was left.  Some species did really well, others were a
complete failure, although this is probably not a good test, since it was
done at the "wrong" time and often did not involve completely healthy bulbs.
If you need to know which succeeded and which didn't I would have to look at
my notes.


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> Jim Waddick pointed out some of the problems encouneterd in propagating
> maintaining a steady stream of marketable, domestically grown Lycoris.
> Has anyone tried the method of propagation known as chipping? It works for
> Galanthus, Hippeastrum and other amaryllids and it might work for Lycoris.
> Chipping involves slicing the bulb vertically into segments, each with a
> piece of basal plate and an attached fan of bulb scales.
> Has anyone tried this (I have not).
> Jim McKenney
> Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, USDA zone 7, where I now realize from
> what Jim Waddick says that the person who successfully chips Lycoris will
> soon be in the chips!
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