Crinum Seeds

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 13 Aug 2004 08:34:56 PDT
Dear All,

This message came in as a bounce for some reason from a new member to our 
list so I am forwarding it hoping someone can respond.

Mary Sue

I just read you message about having Crinum seeds available.
Perhaps you can help me with something.  I have a rather large Crinum 
Asiaticum that produced quite a few seeds this year.  (In previous years, 
it has never seeded.)  What do I do with the seeds (let them dry out on the 
stem then plant?, pick them and dry them out then plant?, plant them while 
they are moist?)  I've never dealt with Crinum seeds before, and I am at a 
complete loss!

Carl Tippins
Phoenix, AZ, zone 9b (were it's just a little hot right now -- we hit 116 
two days ago)

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