Hippeastrum calyptratum

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Wed, 18 Aug 2004 14:30:14 PDT
Dear Joyce,

Thank you for the message on Hippeastrum calyptratum. I have a good potful of 
mature bulbs but only one had flowered some time ago and I did hand-pollinate 
it but no seed was set. The plants look very good, though so I am hoping for at 
least two flowers opening and then hopefully I will have seed. I had the plant 
indoors when it flowered and it took some time to realize that this strange 
smell in my house came from its flowers. Almost revolting from close by, It 
must be bat pollinated. 

In the meantime there was a good harvest of seed of Hippeastrum cybister and my 
own seed made a 100% germination floating in water. The seed is planted now and 
makes good dark green leaves. Unfortunately most of this seed was lost in the 
mail as I had sent it to the BX, it never reached. This is the first time ever 
to happen since I send seed or bulbs around the world. We seem to have a lot of 
problems with letters getting lost or being returned for no obvious reasons at 
present here in Germany, there are more things that did not arrive......
After this a Hippeastrum species has flowered with two long narrow 
greenish-yellowish white elegant trumpets and they have set seed, it seems so 
at least. If it works, I will send it to the BX.......

Bye for now, Uli

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