2004 membership directory?

Pat Colville Pat.Colville@JHResearchUSA.com
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 08:51:59 PDT
The new directory is nearly complete. For some people we have only name
and address and no information on the other items we list:
Favorite bulbs
Favorite plants
Plant related business

Would the following people please contact me if you wish to have this
information listed:
Carolyn Craft, Charles Edelman, James R. Fisher, Kenneth Hixson, Dell
Sherk, Chad Schroter, Tom Wells, Robert Werra, Doug Westfall, Mark
Wilcox, Paul Chapman, Mark Smythe, Paul Tyerman and Alf Valjebeck.

Some of you probably provided this information when you signed up but
the original membership papers are not available to me. 

There is also the possibility that favorites have changed so anybody who
wishes to know what their entry says and might want to change it can
contact me.

We are expecting to send out the directory with the summer newsletter.
Pat Colville

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Just curious - is there a 2004 membership directory, or are we still
the 2003 edition?

Judy in New Jersey where yesterday's storm rolled away, leaving a
autumnal sort of day to follow it. Black walnut trees are dropping their
leaves (silly things always go bare months before anything else) and
goldfinches flitter to the thistles, looking for early seed.
visit the smaller-flowered cannas, and the last scattering of bloom on
summer phlox. The glowing flowers of Dahlia 'Bishop of Llandaff' are a
preview of autumnal hues. The garden centers are already filled with
pots of
chrysanthemums, Halloween candy is on the shelves, and I avert my gaze
the first Christmas decorations already on display.

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