FW: RE: [pbs] Mystery Lycoris (...paging Jim Waddick...) -other?

Eugene Zielinski eez55@earthlink.net
Thu, 26 Aug 2004 18:20:55 PDT
(I goofed and sent this to Jim, when I meant to send it to the e mail list.)

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 > Date: 8/26/04 9:13:09 PM
> Subject: RE: [pbs] Mystery Lycoris (...paging Jim Waddick...) -other?
I finally took a look at Lee's mystery bulb.  I can't offer any idea of its
ID, but I can ramble.  
When I saw the first picture, I thought "Habranthus."  Then I saw the
second picture and threw that possibility out, since Habranthus wouldn't
produce more than one flower to a stem.  I thought "Crinum, maybe?"  But it
doesn't really look like a Crinum -- no floral tube, and the stigma doesn't
look right.
One possibility is the pink form of Rhodophiala bifida (var. spathacea.)
Whatever it is, it's a beautiful plant.  Let's hope it multiplies and
Eugene Zielinski
Augusta, GA
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> > Subject: [pbs] Mystery Lycoris (...paging Jim Waddick...) -other?
> >
> > >I have had a completely mysterious Lycoris bloom for me. Can anyone 
> > >identify it?
> > 
> > Dear Lee and all;
> > 
> > 	Nice flower, but not a Lycoris. I can only guess some other 
> > bulb escaped notice in the same pot or maybe label mix up.
> > 
> > 

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