Membership Directory update

Cynthia Mueller
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 10:11:39 PDT
Dear Cathy,

Will there be a way to let people know when their membership is about
up?  I always think I'll remember these things, and then never do. 

Cynthia W. Mueller

>>> 8/22/04 7:44:15 PM >>>
Dear all,

Marguerite English, our VP and former newsletter editor, put out the
PBS membership directory about a year and a half ago. We unfortunately
distributed them all and have no extra copies.

On the bright side however, Patty Colville, our membership director, is

putting together a new membership directory. It will be sent to you all
the Summer edition of our newsletter in the third quarter of this year.
now have perhaps five times the members we did in the first directory,
the nre directory will be larger and will include everyone who is a
(has joined by August of 04).

PBS needs a secretary. This position usually consists of summarizing
quarterly board of directors meeting, so is not very demanding. If you
like to volunteer for the position, please email me, or any of the PBS

directors, privately.

Thanks, all.

Cathy Craig
Pres, PBS

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