Questions about old a previous BX

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 02 Aug 2004 11:55:24 PDT
Dear All,

I'd like to remind you all that this list does have archives and if you 
have not kept a record of something you ordered from Dell that was 
described in one of his offerings you can still find his post in the 
archives. And this is listed on every ibiblio message so it is easy to find.

List-Archive: <>

Dell lists all of his messages as Pacific BX so if you sort by subject you 
can find all of them each month. Some of the time the Search: box on that 
page works too. The last few times I have tried it I have had success. 
Today when I typed in Pacific BX just to test it I got 1493 matches. No, we 
haven't had that many offerings. Each message it finds has the next and 
previous messages so you see what is around the specific post, and 
therefore searching finds the previous and the next meassage too. It does 
rank the searches which helps. But if you know the month and year you are 
looking for you can go directly to the month and year and look for Pacific BX.

Mary Sue

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