fall crocus

Russell Stafford odysseybulbs@earthlink.net
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 08:21:48 PDT
I'm afraid I cannot see the rest of the fall crocuses so lightly dismissed, 
Jim.  Crocus niveus, C. goulimyi, C. pulchellus, C. cancellatus, and C. 
laevigatus can easily hold their own against C. speciosus, as can C. 
banaticus, C. medius, and others.  I would recommend growing a medley of 
these to prolong the fall crocus season.  Here, C. cancellatus ssp. 
cancellatus is usually the earliest (September) and C. laevigatus the 
latest (often blooming into January).

USDA zone 6, Lake Michigan snowbelt

At 10:11 AM 8/11/2004, Jim McKenney wrote:
>There are lots of other fall-blooming crocus, and all are lovely or at
>least interesting. But Crocus speciosus is the one to start with, and if
>you never get beyond that one, you have already seen the best the genus has
>to offer for the autumn.

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