TOW Paeonia

Thu, 05 Aug 2004 18:55:34 PDT
John,  As I remember there is a pink-flowered tree peony in the Japanese
Garden at the Huntington.

Years ago Jacques Hahn a garden designer with a intimate display garden  in
Sierra Madre in southern California grew, I believe, tree peonies in  large
containers so they could be forced into dormancy in the fall by withdrawing
irrigation.  That means having a back-up growing area out of "public view."

Fred Boutin
Tuolumne, CA

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> Jim asked:
> "Does anyone at the south end of the west coast grow
> > any of
> > the mild climate peonies, either the Mediterranean
> > species or P.
> > californica? Do these ever show up in plant sales,
> > or grown in
> > Botanical gardens or elsewhere?"
> >From here I can say that I have never seen any listed
> for sale but I really miss all the local sales each
> year as they happen when I am out of town or I simply
> forget.
> There is one plant that blooms in the Huntington's
> Japanese garden. I don't really remember the color, I
> want to say it was a pink herbaceous but I may be
> wrong on that. It was blooming when the IBS had their
> symposium there. Was anyone at that meeting that
> remember seeing it? I thought I mentioned it to a few
> people at the time.
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