Question from a new member about Rhodophiala

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 01 Aug 2004 11:10:50 PDT
This message just came in from someone who has just subscribed to our 
list.  For some reason it isn't being processed  properly and is arriving 
as a bounce.  Perhaps it is because it was written in html, but it looked 
to me like it was multi so I approved it. At any rate I will try to send 
it  this way. Welcome Johann. His email address is below for those of you 
who wish to respond privately.

Mary Sue

Dear group members of PBS,

I'm a new member of this group .

A member of this groups gives me the advice to write a mail on this forum .

I'm searching for plant material of Rhodophiala bifida and the other 
varieties of this genus .

If anybody has informations for me please contact me privately.

Thank you in advance .

With best wishes from south west -Germany


Johann Joschko

Ahornstra├če 12D - 77972 Mahlberg


Tel: 0049 (0)7825-7648 (0)7825-869672


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