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> I had a lot of bulb fly damage last year and tried to salvage some of the 
> bulbs by twin scaling or chipping the healthy part that was left. 

Diana ~

If this happens again, don't cut up the bulbs as the frass created by the 
larva contains an antifungicidal compound that will prevent the remains of the 
bulb from rotting (I've never been able to convince the powers that be in any of 
the bulb groups I belong to to underwrite an investigation to determine just 
what that compound is.  The cost of this basal rot (fusarium suppressant) 
"cure" could be offset by royalties from its manufacture and sale.  After all, 
daffodils aren't the only tunicate bulb that suffers from fusarium rots.).  If 
the bulb is large enough (i.e., not so small that it was totally consumed), the 
destruction of the apical meristem (the center part and bud) frees the 
secondary meristem from the dominance of the apical meristem and bulblets will sprout 
along the base of the outer scales.  I know a parasitized bulb (after removal 
of the larva) looks like it's hopeless, but plant it anyway and wait a year.  
Lots easier than twin scaling.

Dave Karnstedt
Cascade Daffodils
Silverton, Oregon

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