TOW Tuberous Pelargonium - Part 2

Dell Sherk
Sat, 28 Aug 2004 11:31:52 PDT
I am a little late in joining in on this subject. I grow several tuberous
Pelargoniums, but I have only been doing so for a year so don't have much
experience to share. I do have a question though. I have P. grossularoides
from seed. Is it tuberous? It has bloomed all summer - its first - with
intensely magenta tiny blossoms. It is the only one I have been able to
raise from seed. All of my others came from Arid Lands Greenhouses.

Best wishes,

Dell Sherk, SE PA US Zone 6. Amaryllids, South Americans, Cyrtanthus, Hardy
bulbs, succulents and cactus, gesneriads.

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