Nerine sarniensis - Wisley UK

Brian Whyer
Tue, 10 Aug 2004 01:11:57 PDT
For those in the UK.

RHS Wisley plant centre is selling the gardens surplus bulbs of Nerine
sarniensis forms/hybrids, all? at £2.95 a packet. The 3 packets I bought
had 3 bulbs in each, some quite small, some maybe flowering size. The
notice said there are/were ~150 varieties available, although it did not
seem that many now. No pictures, just basic description, N. Flame
Spire - Very bright red orange, N. Westmead Giant - Tomato red, violet
All the other spring bulbs are beginning to go on display, but very
nothing interesting yet.

The most noticeable bulbous plants in the gardens at present are cannas,
agapanthus, and some late lilies, with a few crinum and early cyclamen.

Brian Whyer, zone ~8, Buckinghamshire, England

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