Mystery Lycoris (...paging Jim Waddick...) -other?

James Waddick
Wed, 25 Aug 2004 06:49:58 PDT
>I have had a completely mysterious Lycoris bloom for me. Can anyone 
>identify it?

Dear Lee and all;

	Nice flower, but not a Lycoris. I can only guess some other 
bulb escaped notice in the same pot or maybe label mix up.

	BUT and I must admit multiple ignorance here -

	Last year I think you and I and at least one or two others 
ordered 'Mixed Phycella' from Dutch Bulbs . The bulbs were delayed 
and not Phycella. I forget what they were then, but Alberto on this 
list suggested they might be Chilean Rhodophiala. Well of course I 
can't recall exactly what happened to them, but this year a pot full 
of bulbs bloomed (all without a label of course). When I went to the 
PBS wiki on Rhodophiala to look for your 'Mystery Lycoris' I found a 
picture of R. araucana
	that looked a lot like my no-label bulbs that might be last 
year's "Phycella-NOT"
	Confused yet?

Summary Your picture is not a Lycoris. Might be a Rhodophiala, but I 
don't have a clue.
	Could last year's Mystery NOT-Phycella from Dutch Bulbs be R. araucana?

	I didn't find a Rhodophiala that looked like your mystery 
bulb, but agree with Kelly it is not a Lycoris. Anyone else have a 

	Best	Jim W.

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