Ismene/Hymenocallis amancaes

Liz Waterman
Tue, 24 Aug 2004 09:37:03 PDT
Thanks for the site, great pictures.  There is a handy free machine 
translator for folks whose Spanish is  rusty or non-existant:…
The tanslations are far from perfect but helpful.

Lee Poulsen wrote:

> On the Spanish bulb list a guy in Peru has been describing this flower 
> and things about it I didn't know. Apparently it is the official 
> emblem of the city of Lima and used to be found in large numbers 
> growing wild on the banks of the Rimac River which flows through Lima. 
> The locations where it used to grow so abundantly are now nothing but 
> metropolis, including a district of Lima that still is called the 
> Pampas of Amancaes, and the flower isn't grown anywhere in Lima today. 
> However, there is an organization (Club Floralíes de Lima) that has 
> dedicated itself to bringing it back and they have created a preserve 
> called Pachacámac on land outside of Lima owned/donated by the Lima 
> Cement Company where they grow this and other native plants. They have 
> a webpage that shows some beautiful photos of the plant and flower 
> which they call 'Amancaes' 
> <>. Even Charles Darwin 
> records seeing fields of them flowering on the desert coastal hills of 
> Peru through binoculars as the Beagle sailed past them. If you can 
> read Spanish there is one other article about this preserve at 
> <…>
> In Peru it flowers in the cold and cloudy season (winter?), starting 
> at the end of June and flowering through the end of September.
> According to this page, the flower also comes in white and purple. Has 
> anyone ever seen or heard of a white H. amancaes? And are there any 
> other purple flowered Hymenocallises or sister genera? Another article 
> <…> also 
> mentions that there is an almost extinct white flowered form that I 
> think the article says they are managing to cultivate a few of them in 
> the nursery at the Pachacámac sanctuary.
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