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J.E. Shields jshields104@insightbb.com
Fri, 13 Aug 2004 05:41:40 PDT
Hi Everyone,

Pink!  I had to think about that a bit.  I usually lean more toward red, 
purple, and gaudy.

I did like one of the pink cultivars of Hesperantha (Schizostylis) coccinea 
until it succumbed to the climate here.  Can anyone recommend a hardier 
pink Schizostylis?

I hang on to an old Gilbert Wild TB Iris cultivar, 'One Desire', because I 
like its salmon pink color.  Friends gave it to us when we lived in 
Cleveland, Ohio, in about 1965.

To get serious about pink though, I'd have to nominate the genus 
Nerine.  Mary Sue hit this one squarely on the head!  N. krigei is blooming 
here now, and some hybrid [filifolia X krigei] are starting to bloom.  N. 
filamentosa is also close to flowering.  I love the Nerine when they flower 
for me.

I really enjoy the Cyclamen I have in pots, and their various shades and 
tints of pink are a delight to me.  I just wish they would do better 
outdoors in the ground than they do here.  My favorite Cyclamen is 
whichever one is in bloom at the moment.

I think that a line of Clivia I saw at Monterey Bay Nursery, California, in 
March is going to be a favorite of mine:  Clivia 'Pink Star' is a strain (a 
"group" under the new rules), developed by Mr. Luen Miller of MBN, in which 
the petals have a white mid line and a range of pink colors in the 
different plants.  Terrific plants!  I bought some of them at the time, 
just wish I had gotten more.

Pink Wishes

Among the pinks that I wish I had, I would include the Haemanthus carneus 
which Doug Westfall showed yesterday.  They (H. carneus) just haven't done 
well for me in the greenhouse.  I wish I knew how to grow H. carneus here!

I like the pink Narcissus, but the ones I've gotten so far are not quite 
pink enough for me.  Besides, they bloom when our weather is usually 
wretched and the flowers don't last long enough to get a decent picture 
taken.  I wish I could find a pinker Narcissus that can take our nasty 
spring weather better.

Siberian Iris 'Pink Haze' is not really pink, but it is as close as I've 
seen in the Siberians.  'Pink Haze' is also very slow to grow and almost 
impossible to propagate.  Has anyone seen a good pink in Siberian irises?

Jim Shields
in autumnal central Indiana

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