Growing Mexican Hymenocallis, a query
Sun, 01 Aug 2004 18:54:42 PDT

I was reading information recently about the Mexican species of 
Hymenocallis--they are a mixed bag.  It is hard to find good information about some of them 
other than that some grow along rivers and streams and others come from more 
xeric conditions.  

I suppose those from riverine areas might do well with big pots (10-gallon or 
more) and sandy loam, watered well from late winter till at least midsummer.  
But, I'm not really sure about that, and I suspect that they might be OK here 
outside year round in big pots as long as they have fast-draining soil.  But, 
I'm just guessing.

As for the xeric types, I think they might  like similar soil but would enjoy 
rain protection part of the year.  

If anyone has any other information I'd enjoy hearing about these plants.  
I've got a few seeds of different types coming along and am trying to decide 
what to do for them.  


Joe, still warm and humid, no rain for 2 weeks

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