best Chinese TP selection

Tue, 03 Aug 2004 00:02:28 PDT

from the list, only Fen Dan Bai grows in my garden and is an exceptional
plant.  Very vigourous and early, which may mean warmth tolerant.  This year
it got frosted in bud, so the display was only so-so, but the single
blossoms are wonderful.  There is currently a lot of confusion as to where
P. ostii ends and Fen Dan Bai begins.  In my experience, they are
horticulturaly a swarm and the more serrated/ruffled forms are considered
the cultivar.

The other cultivars I've never seen offered in Britain, which is the warmest
climate for TPs in Europe, which may mean nothing, but they may, also,
require more cold to prosper. Just a thought.

Jamie V.

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> Jim et al.,
Ru Hua Si Yu
> Feng Dan Fen
> Feng Dan Bai
> Xiangyang Hong
> Lan Hudie
> Zi He
> Xue Lian

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