Crinum Cecil H.

James Waddick
Thu, 26 Aug 2004 17:30:58 PDT
>What does the true 'Cecil Houdyshel' look like. I had one named that which I
>got from the old and now-defunct International Growers Exchange, and I
>thought it might have been some cultivar of C. bulbispermum - small pendant
>flowers, white with a reddish midstripe and an unpleasant musty odor. It
>succumbed to its first winter in the ground.

Dear Dell;
	I think mine is the real thing-at least two others have 
compared and agreed. It is a powellii type hybrid I believe, but not 
the typical forms of either parent. The flowers are larger and a rich 
but pale pink., They face sideways and open wider than my typical 
powellii. The picture at… 
is pinker, wider and better than mine, but close enough I think I'd 
have to agree.

	Mine doesn't set much seed however. But it has wintered here 
about 5 or 6 years.

		Jim W.
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