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If you can keep the size of the site down to 50 MB or so, I mightbe able to
provide space for such a project.  I am following in similar footstps as
her, so I fully appreciate her efforts. My site is being updated.
Kevin D. Preuss

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> > I, for one, would hope that we can accommodate Marcelle's photo
> > She is very well known to Crinum enthusiasts! I believe that she still
has a
> > retail sales website?
> Hi Dell (and all who wrote privately),
> Marcelle does maintain her own commercial Web site where she provides a
> picture gallery of plants for sale, and many more plants not for sale.
> LINK:  Marcelle's Crinums
> http://www.marcellescrinums.com/
> Thanks for your various notes.  I will collect all the ideas that I have
> received and discuss them with Marcelle.  For now, I think there is little
> that Marcelle's historical photos and records can be accommodated on the
> The amount of material she has is truly enormous and includes photos of
> unpublished hybrids (perhaps over 100) from other breeders, as well as her
> materials, along with notes on fertility, when created, who created, etc.
> Some information is unique.  For instance, without going into particulars,
> Marcelle has developed never-before-reported colors in Crinum.
> One PBS member suggested that ibiblio.org or another organization might be
> willing to host an encyclopedia-style Web site, wherein the information
could be
> deposited and freely accessed.  This seems like an approach that might
> if Marcelle and I can get the photos digitized and the text written.
> Cordially,
> Conroe Joe (still hot and muggy, rain showers off and on)
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