Pro Lycoris versus nothing

James Waddick
Tue, 17 Aug 2004 11:01:17 PDT
Dear All;
	Apologies to Diana, Russell and other private emails on this 
topic. Responsible and reliable growers responded to my generalities 
which (in general) did not apply to them.  I fully understand the 
obstacles for a small nursery and their doing the right thing. I 
always try to encourage specialty growers of all kinds.

	I think there was something here though of attacking the 
messenger, not the message. I think the specifics I spoke of are 
true, as generalities.

	Growing something long enough to determine its true identify 
and then its propagation, are long-term expensive propositions. 
Skipping these 'details' happens all too often. It is well worth the 
extra $ to buy from a reliable grower than a mega-store with few 
scruples and eager to make a quick $.

	Lycoris may be especially prone to problems for the reliable 
grower. They need to be dug and shipped on their schedule, not on the 
fall bulb schedule (or grown potted, as some are). They may take a 
couple years to recover from the stress of mis-handling, they may not 
all grow in any one climate etc. I think good true-to-name plants of 
every sort deserve a premium price.

	In my years of selling thousands of bulbs I always gave 
plenty of caveats. My importations were to help friends in China and 
along the way get interesting bulbs into the hands of good gardeners. 
I frequently had to limit the number of bulbs sold to an individual 
or the first buyer would have bought all of some varieties. This to 
spread rare varieties around more. I regularly mentioned that 
varieties can come and go from year to year and have no permanent 
availability. And I always helped and advised anyone who ASKED.

	I have had offers from other Chinese entrepreneurs to buy 
Lycoris bulbs, but my intent was never just to sell bulbs. And some 
entrepreneurial sorts are willing to put any label on any bulb if it 
fetches a better price. I could have, still could, sell mixed Chinese 
species and hybrids, but this only encourages more misidentification 
and confusion in the long run.

	Apologies to those who felt I hit close to home, I assure you 
no evil intent was at the base. And I still encourage every one to 
buy from the specialty bulb grower who actually grows their own 
materials and has invested a lot of time, anguish and effort into 
each carefully treasured bulb, corm and tuber.

		best wishes to all.		Jim W.
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