Elizabeth Lawrence's book

Judy Glattstein jglatt@ptd.net
Thu, 12 Aug 2004 05:04:28 PDT
The title of this book is "The Little Bulbs: A Tale of Two Gardens" and it
is about Elizabeth Lawrence and her friend Mr. Krippendorf who had a huge
woodland garden in Ohio called Lob's Woods. A lovely, informative book that
is delightful to read. Miss Lawrence also wrote a pamphlet for the Ohio
Nature Conservancy that now administers Mr. Krippendorf's  estate, titled
"Lob's Woods."

Another great book is "Flowers in the Winter garden" by M.M. Graff. Dicky
Graff gardened in New York - it was either Westchester County or somewhere
on Long Island. A large part of the book is devoted to bulbs. Dicky is very
elderly, in poor health, and now lives in Brooklyn. One of the most
opinionated people I have ever corresponded with, with very firm convictions
and a keen eye for detail, gifted with getting the words that describe the
bulbs together.

Both of these books were seminal in my journey down the garden path. Though
there have been revisions to the names of the bulbs I have no hesitation
whatsoever in recommending both of these books as pleasant and informative.

Judy in New Jersey, where the wet weather not only has brought the
chanterelle mushrooms to growing in the woods, as egg yolk golden as certain
daffodils, but also corn smut, huitlacoche, on two ears of my neighbor's
corn. An Inca delicacy that we also enjoyed eating/

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