red-leaved Crinum
Wed, 18 Aug 2004 16:44:00 PDT
Hi Gang,

I have a gardening friend here in Houston who grows a red-leaved Crinum in a 
seasonally flooded pool.  The bulb is underwater 6-8 months each year.  The 
leaves reach high above the water surface, but the bottom of the bulb is 
typically 2-15 inches below the water line.  

I guess this is C. procerum 'Splendens', but don't really know for sure.  I 
guess C. procerum is a form of C. asiaticum, but again I'm not sure.  

So, here is the question.  Does anyone else grow a red-leaved Crinum under 
aquatic or semi-aquatic conditions?


Conroe Joe
rain today, after 6 weeks of no rain.  

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