bad news - lost seeds

Hans und Babs Joschko
Mon, 27 Dec 2004 05:29:22 PST
Hi all ,
Today I have bad news for this group .
I have send a lot of seeds from me to Dell for the BX - this mail I give to
the post on 24. 11 .04 and until today Dell has nothing received these - it
is pity , because it was o lot of interesting seeds : many seeds from my
peonys and some seeds w.c. from my holidays from Corsica .
If anybody is intersted for peonyseed please contact me and I will send my
seedlist ( as attechment on a mail ) - I have still some seeds .
My hope is that when I send a little portion this makes not a problem ( I
have send earlier seeds to USA - without problems) , to send in other
countrys here in Europe is not a problem .
It is a disapointment for me that sending the seeds to Dell not has works -
it was a lot of seeds ( more then 100s ) , a lot of work and the money for
the charges is also lost . So I dont know if I send later more seeds to the
BX - if anyone has a idea - please give me a answer .
Now my best wishes for all member of this group for the NEW YEAR - and good
luck with the plants

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